26 plays Bad Sadie Lee The Incredible String Band U


    The Incredible String Band | Bad Sadie Lee

    The man I loved was called Daniel Boone

    We crooned beneath the watermelon moon in June

    But he left me for a ginger-haired ornery raccoon

    And that’s what turned me bad…


    There Be Monster by Stella Bjorg


    Ray Oranges



    Learning How to Be a More Inefficient Designer with The Made Shop

    We’re speaking in Los Angeles at Adobe Max this year. It’s gonna be a fun one, I think. Come check us out if you’re attending — we’ve got all sorts of ideas for working slower, introducing friction, indecision, and waste into the design process.

    We’ll explore all sorts of ways to misspend time and energy, make things the hard way, un-automate simple procedures, and consistently produce downright inefficient design.

    It’ll be great!

    Anonymous asked:
    Whats a day in your diet like? What you eat in a day


    Pretty much every day for breakfast I have a large bowl of sauteed veggies (cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, broccoli, and kale) with two poached eggs, kraut, a half bagel, and sometimes bacon or breakfast sausage. I drink between 2-4 mugs of jasmine green tea and sometimes have a small cup of coffee.

    If I’m exercising that day, which I do on days I’m not shooting, I will have a chicken breast, a large glass of raw milk, and maybe a small muffin. Then a couple hours later I may have lunch which is a large mixed greens/arugula salad with steamed beets, tomatoes, and sometimes I will have the chicken on the salad or just eat more chicken.

    In the afternoon I might have a snack of fruit or veggies like pluots, cut up cucumber or red pepper, or an apple. Or I might have some rice crackers or sweet potato chips. I snack a lot over the day but it’s normally pretty simple stuff. 

    For dinner a lot of times I will make a big pot of soup that will last a couple of days with bone/chicken broth which I make, lots of veggies, and something like cubed chuck beef.

    After dinner I may have a snack of yogurt and granola, more fruit, cottage cheese, or a mochi snack which is baked in the oven. And I always have a large pot of tea at night, normally an herbal blend I make.

    I do go out for some meals but it all depends on how busy I am otherwise we generally cook a lot and eat a lot of not very processed foods.


    Strypeface by Jeff Jarvis


    Pale fire, Neil Krug


    various drawings by Claire Boucher aka Grimes


    Not a Walkway

    Park Slope, Brooklyn